• Duration changes according to the performance of an insulated case.
  • Feature

  • CT-PACK Graph
  • CT-PACK is possible to keep a constant temperature state without using electricity and thermostat in transit for a while. To use the highly heat insulating structure case, it is able to have the minimum thermal energy to exchange from outside and to keep the constant temperature by using latent heat of the temperature regulator.
  • We would like to hear your requests for the types of outer layer case; the improved portable type, the throwaway type and so on
  • Performance graph

  • CT-PACK Graph
  • When to start, the temperature of CT-PACK;
  • For 6 degrees 12 degrees
  • For 36degrees 40 degrees

  • When to leave the environment of air minus 5 degrees, the temperature of CT-PACK in a case;
  • These have been showed by CT-PACK 5kg.
  • ※The heat insulate structure case is our product.
  • Specifications are made to order, so please contact us for details.