I can respond to changes in the environment and time in the living space.
Panel unit high Ecology "SHI · KI · LI" will harmonize beautifully with the space.
Partition system that is easy to coordinate.

Panels, are made of recycled paper and cardboard honeycomb core.
I make use of finishing materials expressive and Japanese paper sheet.
I will showcase the high rail of possible degrees of freedom retrofitted.
The original size.


Official Character birth.
2014/9/1 kakkun
Regards It is Kakkukun. "This is. Kakkukun became the official character.. Best regards because we will introduce a company"
in Monipura.
  • It hosts events of our products by using the Monipura.


I was introduced to the SIC Kawaraban.
  • I was introduced to free paper Co., Sagamihara of Industrial Innovation Center (SIC) issue.
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic technology exhibition of the world's leading exhibitors to bring together all the equipment and systems and technology for manufacturing, research and development pharmaceutical, cosmetics and detergent.
    Each year, pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturers many visitors from all over the country. Please come by all means.
Machida's Market
  • Machida Chamber of Commerce and Industry has managed, I took part in the website.


Children's Workshop
2012/10/01 Children's Workshop
  • Children's Workshop
Tokyo Pack 2012
2012/10/01 Tokyo Pack 2012
  • Thank you for your visit to Tokyo Pack 2012.
Website Renewal
Homepage "NIPPON KAKO-KIZAI CO,.LTD. " has been renewed.
Companies look attractive interesting!
2012/03/23 Companies look attractive interesting!
Companies look attractive interesting! Tama area Sagamihara "Japan Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd." has been introduced.

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50th anniversary

50th anniversary


The Company celebrated its 50th anniversary. Thank you for a number of festive goods. Thank you enough for both long-term relationship in the future.
Merchandise sale
2011/07/12 Merchandise sale

Is now available for purchase at any "Otsuki Country Club" Golf Course prestigious "nice shot in the shoe to Us" preeminent effect on care after sweat. I think I want you to pick up if you stop by the golf shop means.

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Kraft paper tube Exhibition "wood paper evolved" re-Wood Club
2010/12/29 re-Wood Club

Exhibition will be held by the club re-Wood. "The paper timber that has evolved" will exhibit the works that have been created with the activities on the theme of

Implementation of the factory tour by local elementary school children.
2010/11/16 school children

Conduct on Friday, November 12 lessons in the Sagamihara Plant Co., Ltd. equipment Chemical Japan, at the request of the local elementary schools, called "Listening to talk to people who work with the factory tour" as part of the social studies field trip underneath.
It was aired on JCOM "BusinessView".
JCOM at channel "BusinessView" of "JCOM" cable TV company, it was broadcast. Continues to make good products for over half a century of global environment. It is the company's top share paper tube angle.
Registered company awards ceremony secular
JSA regional exchange meetings registered organizations
  1. Registered company awards ceremony secular
  2. Tokyo venue
  3. EMS: about 20
  4. QMS: about 70 companies
  5. Including integration
  6. More than 600 companies nationwide
Thank you for coming to the booth, "Japan Chemical Equipment" 2010 Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition.
Our exhibition display is the "Wall paper tube angle" chunks, the "paper tube" square 100% recycled paper. Challenge has been "recycled paper resistant to heat", also anti-common sense like this "recycled paper resistant to water", "recycled paper resistant to 1 tons." As "recycled paper product that has changed to wood, the strength", in the field of package, is now also used in packaging weight. Harmless desiccant safety. We have also introduced new products "CT-pack" tempering agent.
I began online sales of general merchandise.
I started a general merchandise than AMAZOM.
Was introduced as the "challenge of resource-saving products to the manufacturer's packaging materials" in the business section of the newspaper Kanagawa watch.
We were introduced to the field of Kanagawa Shimbun News Watch. We are working actively in-house development and product development to new areas.
"Large / small paper tube chair, children make their own" from Muji was released.
"Large / small paper tube chair, children make their own" from Muji was released. You can make the chair of the original picture writing assembly, free to work together in a parent-child pipe paper made ​​of recycled paper.
Headquarters address is changed.

Sagamihara is a city designated by government ordinance in April 2010. Head Office and Factory Address Sagamihara, Sagamihara change of office (district name is applied) since the result, I will inform you.

ZIP 252-0206

1-20-8, Fuchinobe Chuo-ku, Sagamihara 252-0206, Japan

There is no change of phone number..


Released a set for the toilet to handle manure without water.
Was introduced in Tokyo "World Business Satellite".
"Only silica gel dried flower" of our new products have been introduced in the occasional training in Tokyo "World Business Satellite" Friday 29 January, 2010.
"Suihuyo" in newspaper Nikkan Kogyo was introduced.
"Suihuyo" in newspaper Nikkan Kogyo was introduced.
Daily newspaper circulation in "desiccant dedicated dried flower" has been introduced.
In daily newspaper circulation "desiccant dedicated dried flower" was introduced on January 18, 2010. Can be made with as little as one hour until you are dry flower.

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Industrial interchange exhibition 2009
From Wednesday, November 4, 2009 to 6th Friday Holding Tokyo BIC site I arrived, and thank you very much.
detail was introduced to our quarterly magazine.
Covered here | detail|

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TV Tokyo "World Business Satellite" was introduced at.
Our furniture in the corner of the paper shows the same trend eggs "excellent series" was introduced.
Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun (Japan Version) was introduced to our products.
Covered here|detail|
2008 Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition (Tokyo Pack 2008)
October 7, 2008 (Tue) to 11 (Sat) Tokyo Big Sight Conference Seeing you,Thank you very much indeed.
The 19th International Stationery & Office Products Exhibition ISOT2008
July 9, 2008 (Wed) to 11 (Fri) Conference, Tokyo Big Sight seeing you, Thank you very much indeed. It was arrived to we booth visitors more than 1,500 people in three days. We feel glad that we had you be interested in many people.

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June 20, 2007 - 22, Tokyo Big Sight seeing you held today, Thank you very much indeed.

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2006 Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition (Tokyo Pack 2006)
October 3, 2006 - October 7, Tokyo Big Sight. Bad weather, your feet carry our booth Presents, Thank you very much indeed.
Tsukurou everyone, and Mikan "Kamikankenchikusukuru"
Location: The Children's Art Museum Okazaki. Date: September 30, 2006 - November 26, 2009

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A new product, An agent in coordination with moisture, "A CT pack"
Products or parts, temperature and humidity within a certain period in the distribution and packing material, fixed to the same level.
Building Materials Exhibition
March 1, 2005 (Tue) - Mar 4 (Fri) Tokyo International Exhibition Center Seeing you, Thank you very much indeed
Love・ The earth Expo

From the viewpoint of active use of renewable materials, the wall is a wall of paper material is used for paper recycling.

"IF Design Award 2004" was held.

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Tokyo Pack 2004

admission was 20 million people.October 4 - October 9 was exhibited in the pack until the Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition. Biitadakimakotoniarigatougozaimashita our luck to your feet.

ISO9001 Acquisition Yamanashi Plant
We have ISO9001 certified factory in Yamanashi.

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A new product Drop sign

Shock detector.Peel off the paper skeleton on the back, make sure the drop-down sign, please paste it into the luggage. Complete set is by far the locking pin. Changes to a yellow triangle in the window I was shocked when items.

Tokyo Pack 2002

"Evolution of Packaging for Human and Earth"October 1, 2002 held at Tokyo Big Sight - 5 days. We exhibited at the Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition 2002. Thank you for your great seeing you everyone. More Tegozaimasu summarized

We win large size / weight packing section Prize three in consecutive years

Tokyo Pack 2002 has been exhibited in GODDPACKGING to the corner. Picture (below) booth

Cameleon C (Cameleon-C)


  1. Change Color: chameleon-C is at the changes from milky white to deep orange color in proportion to the initial adsorption of water can detect the timing of replacement of silica gel.
  2. Safety: chameleon-C agents is contained in the color sensing humidity, poisonous or deleterious substances not subject to PRTR designated safe chemicals (iron alum) is used.

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